Jenesis: Where versatility meets faith.

About Jenesis

Jenesis is a faith-based event venue offering a versatile space suitable for various occasions. Whether you're a freelance professional seeking a reliable workspace or someone in need of space to plan a memorable event, we have you covered. Our tailored offerings include comfortable office space rentals perfect for freelancers such as photographers, makeup artists, cosmetologists, startup business owners needing a place for consultations, and much more. Additionally, our larger room rentals are ideal for events of all kinds. We also offer access to select vendors to enhance your room rental experience, including photographers, event decorators, and cake and cookie decorators, ensuring every detail of your event is meticulously curated to excellence. Experience the flexibility you need and the space you deserve with Jenesis.


While I took some time to contemplate my career path, my faith remained a constant source of guidance. I prayed for direction, knowing that whatever I pursued, I wanted to incorporate God into my work. Along the way, I connected with like-minded individuals who shared my enthusiasm for event planning, providing invaluable support as I embarked on this journey. Now, with the courage to pursue my career goal, I'm thrilled to see where Jenesis will take me.

Coming Soon! 

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